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Our loose chocolates are bought from a company called House of Sarunds. Currently they include chocolates from master chocolatiers from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France and England. House of Sarunds only buy chocolates based on quality and value for money, not on a name or the amount of marketing spent, so rest assured we can pass that quality and value for money onto our customers too. All the chocolatiers are visited regularly by House of Sarunds to ensure a high standard of quality is maintained. Due to the great demand of these chocolates, we have a really quick turnover in our shops, so you know that whenever you buy our loose chocolates they will be at their very best and will be as fresh as possible. 
We will package your selection of chocolates for you, with your choice of ribbon and embellishment to make your gift a personal one. Most of our chocolate box decorations are unique to us as we make and prepare them ourselves. That way you know you will get a box of chocolates that is unique, and also you know you are getting more chocolates and less packaging for your money, unlike high street commerical chocolates 
Selection of belgian, swiss, french and english chocolates
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