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Potters Crouch are an established fragrance house based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. They originally started producing fine fragrances and are regarded as one of the top british artisan perfumers in the country. They also work in collaberation with one of the oldest families of fragrance houses in Grasse, France,so this combination is truly unbeatable in fragrance terms. 
Potters Crouch have in recent years started using their fine fragrances in products such as candles, diffusers and room fragrances, and we are proud to be a stockist of these wonderfully fragrant candles. 
In April 2016 Potters Crouch were approached by the Queen to come up with a fine fragrance for her 90th birthday celebrations, and so they did....calling it "Royal Bouquet". They have since made this fragrance into candles and diffusers and it depicts floral fragrances from around the british isles and the commonwealth. 
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